Science Philosophy​


Is Homeopathy science or not? Is it scientific or not? What does science mean and what to be scientific mean? What is the difference between the scientist and the researcher? What is the difference between the intellectual and the academic? What are the natural limits of each individual? Although the epistemologists have already suggested the answers to these questions a long time ago, the homeopaths are still confused about it, as well as the ones who are out of Homeopathy or partially in it. We will begin the presentations in this section by including texts that discuss the subject. We also consider this section opened to everyone who is interested in participating on the discussions.

The strategy is to show one text per month and discuss it, but the contents of such discussions should remain applicable on an indefinite basis. This section interacts with the section Teachings Research, and as well as all the other sections, it is opened to suggestions, advices and contributions.

« We are keeping the same discussion theme of the previous month so that others will still have a chance to add their comments and suggestions »

Monthly Discussion Theme – May_July 2019

We shall present a monthly discussion theme that could address a new issue or a complementation to the discussions held in the previous month. The discussion theme could be proposed by us or by any party involved and interested in the discussions. After presentation of the new discussion theme, all previously discussed issues will be stored in sub-section Monthly Discussion Theme under section Philosophizing With Science until all matters concerning the subject under discussion are thoroughly covered.

The whole and the divided. The ample and the circumscribed. The possible and the “will it be possible”? The truthful and the untruthful, subjective, seem to constitute at every instance the illusion of the practitioner/researcher where the mentally possible is mobilised at each moment and upon each one, the observer and observed. A constant challenge at the practice and in the research field.