Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis
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About Us

« Ask not what your country can do for you,

ask what you can do for your country. »

J. F. Kennedy

This is exactly what we need.

All sectors of the LMHI need the help of homeopaths and people interested in the homeopathic movement from all over the world.

We count on the help of everyone.

We present here a working plan to implement the research through the LMHI, within what we consider possible: a common and global effort in order to facilitate the progress, also global, of Homeopathy or Homéopathie in French (our researcher are working on both countries, US & France).

To facilitate comprehension on the part of those for whom English is not their mother tongue, this site will be written in « global English » (minimalist, simple, latinized and without sophistication), following the example of Hahnemann when he abandoned the Latin language from his texts to facilitate comprehension by the laymen. In the old empire, Latin vulgaris, in the new empire, English vulgaris.

To reach our final goal of granting the LMHI the function of catalyst/facilitator, we will act giving priority to the Homeopathy hard-core, THE SIMILITUDE, and its primary safety belt (see text Philosophising with Science).We will also collect information and at the same time we will try to bring people together for discussing Homeopathic Research.

We will try to cover all research aspects as completely as you will allow us to, because we will also be working with the information that you provide. We will not be alone. In France, we also cover the topic of the e-cigarette or electronic cigarette. You will be very surprised when our research to know if there is something similar. To start, you can read this french article about what exactly is the electronic cigarette.

Our basic sections at this initial phase will contain the following topics: information – pathogeneses – bibliographic review of pathogeneses – data base of clinical cases – basic research in homeopathy – learning to research the open systems – philosophising with science and other sections that will come along.

We are in no need to hurry. What we need is collaboration.

I consider Homeopathy at its beginning, as operationalized by Hahnemann, to be a gold sphere that along the years has been so hammered that it ended up becoming as flat as a coin, and as with all coins, it has two inseparable sides. The LHMI makes the commitment to, in all of its actions, contemplate the two sides of this coin. The homeopathic prescription for the diseased with his/her diseases, an the homeopathic prescription for the diseases of the diseased.

Let’s put the coin to roll with the aim of studying and researching both sides of our coin.